Tourist accommodation at Küzma homestead

The Cooper’s Lodge

The ‘At the Cooper’s’ lodge at the Küzma homestead offers a unique experience of rural tourism and cultural heritage in the village of Gančani. The Küzma family proudly preserves a 103-year-old tradition of cooperage, dating back to the times of great-grandfather Ivan, grandfather Anton, father Anton, and now the son (brother) Anton.

During the celebration of the 90th anniversary. on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the cooperage tradition, we decided to revive the cultural heritage by opening a museum and an authentic rural lodging.

At the ‘Cooper’s Lodge’ in the Küzma homestead, we offer a unique combination of cultural heritage, the traditional craft of cooperage, and the opportunity to spend the night in an authentic rural environment that reflects the rich history of the Küzma family.

Special attention will be given to preserving and presenting the cultural heritage and the tradition of the cooperage lineage in the village of Gančani.

Nearby, there are Prekmurje’s landmarks that you’ll be able to explore

Please note, due to the lodging being diagonally situated from the cooperage workshop, you might hear hammering in the morning.

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Prenočišče pri Sodarju
Prenočišče pri Sodarju
Prenočišče pri Sodarju

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